A Special Gift: 5 Ways to Personalize a Wooden Wine Box

  • Michael Grant
  • February 4, 2018

Wine, on its own, is a great gift to give someone that you love, admire, respect, or appreciate. The gifting of wine is a near perfect way to express these feelings and has been for many, many years. Naturally, with time comes a feeling of normalcy and blandness, as gifting wine is such a standard practice. How do you put a nice spin on this tradition, though? A nice, high quality wine box is rarely unappreciated by those with an eye for the beverage. The best way to gift a wine box is to personalize one in order to make it the best present possible. In this list, you will find five great ways to personalize a wooden wine box.

1. Adaptability

There are many variables to consider when personalizing a wooden wine box. These variables can include who you are buying it for, what your price ranges are, and the overall size of the box. Plus, the type of wood you use can make a huge difference on your gift. Luckily, there are many variations of wood to choose from, including red pine, birch ply, and black oak among many others.

2. Uniqueness

Wood is a wonderful material that comes complete with many style options, each wooden box just waiting to be personalized. The biggest thing is to know your recipient. Do they enjoy a certain style or logo? Most things can easily be etched into your classy wine box which truly makes it theirs, and lets them know how much thought was put into the gift. Also, most designs simply look cool and distinguished while sitting on a shelf, holding someone’s favourite wine.

3. Environmental Care

As the world spins on, the health of our beloved Earth becomes a larger and larger area of concern for many people. Whether that be you or the lucky recipient of your gift, you can rest assured knowing that there are many upsides to purchasing a wooden wine box in regards to the environment. Firstly, they are reusable. One wine box can last a person their entire life with care, and it can even take the place of multiple boxes if it has the capacity to hold more than one bottle. Plus, the majority of wine box producers will only use wood that comes from sources that are environmentally friendly, ensuring that the processes used accommodate sustainable forestry practices.

4. Less Waste

In the process of accommodating sustainable forestry practices, the wood sources for your new wine boxes will ensure that there is as little waste as possible. This means that there will be less wood being destroyed without cause, using only the exact amount that is required in order to make the product. This allows the owner to get the most enjoyment out of their snazzy new wooden wine box without the guilt of knowing that it cost the environment a great deal.

5. Multiple Uses

A wine box is lovely, beautiful addition to any environment. However, not everyone will be a fan of wine, whether they never fall in love with the beverage at all, or the romance wanes with time, there are still many ways that they can enjoy the wooden box. For instance, it can be used to keep dear memories or items of importance that have been collected over the years. Plus, it will always make a lovely conversation piece when placed on display. With a bit of paint, it can become transformed into something completely different than it’s original intended use. It all depends on the imagination and creativity of the owner.

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