Don’t Buy: 8 Advantages of Renting a Car Instead

  • Michael Grant
  • July 19, 2018

You may decide you need a car for several reasons: family vacation, business trip, or to replace your vehicle that’s in the shop for repairs. Whatever the reason, renting a car has many advantages. Read on to learn just some of the reasons that renting a car might be a good idea for you and your circumstances.

1. Savings

You might not consider it, but you could save a lot of money when you rent a car vs spending money on public transit. Depending on the car you choose and how many people are with you, which will help share the cost, you could spend much less money on a rental car compared to the travel costs associated with bus, train, or plane if you are travelling from city to city.

2. Freedom

Apart from not having to learn the schedules of the local transportation options, you can also plan your travel in a way that is completely up to you and your ideals. You can get to places that might not be accessible via public transport, and can stop or change plans whenever you like, as long as your travel companions agree.

3. Flexibility

Much like the freedom mentioned above, having a rental car will allow you to go wherever and whenever you want, instead of having to follow the bus or train schedule. In addition, you can travel with a large group, which isn’t always possible with public transit. Some rental agencies can offer larger vans for up to 15 people. If you plan on travelling somewhere where the roads aren’t the best, a Jeep or other SUV can be a great option. A reputable car rental company should have lots of options for you to choose from.

4. Comfort

It’s easy to make the rental arrangements from home, and to choose the insurance that best suits your needs (check first with your personal insurance agent or broker since your car insurance may cover your rental, too). Pay at the counter when you go to pick up the car, and enjoy a clean and reliable car for the duration of your need. If you discover the car doesn’t suit your needs, it’s no trouble to go back and change it for one that does.

5. Save Wear and Tear

One of the best advantages to renting a car, even when you have your own, is that you save the wear and tear on your own vehicle. This is especially good if you plan on driving a lot during your vacation or business trip. All you have to worry about is the fuel for your trip.

6. Peace of Mind

No matter where you decide to go, you’ll never have to worry about breakdowns. If something should happen while you’re renting a car, the agency will typically offer roadside assistance and if the car needs repairs, give you another one at no charge. This offers a great deal of peace of mind, so you can concentrate on your vacation, business trip, or weekend away.

7. More Time

When you’re taking a trip far from home, renting a a car or SUV gives you more time to enjoy your vacation. When you take a flight to your destination, you can pick up your rental car right at the airport instead of having to wait for a shuttle or other method of transportation. You’ll be able to spend more time at your lodgings and out sightseeing, and less time getting to where you need to go.

8. Reflect the Desired Image

Your personal vehicle might not reflect the certain image you want to show to business associates, so depending on your need, a clean, brand-new SUV or luxury vehicle might be what you need to convey the right image.

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